How to Listen like a Consultant, instead of talking like a Salesperson

It has been said, that if you want to get great answers, you must learn to ask great questions. Please see below for a few tips on how to conduct a great consultation with your clients.

I will follow where they go.

I will not conduct an interrogation.

I will stay in curiosity.

I will use “I am curious…” in my next conversation.

I will be more conversational and use “Wow, tell me more…”

I will pay attention to how they relate and learn. Are they auditory, kinesthetic or experiential?

I will listen more intently and repeat back what they say.

I will stay focused

I will establish rapport by asking questions like “Just wanted to make sure that I heard you?”.

I will let my client answer my questions.

I will ask what is important to them about buying/selling/investing/leasing Real Estate?

I will probe and discover what is really important to them and then explain my plan of action

I will be careful about what I investigate when there are choices.

I will explain how my plan will help them accomplish what is very important to them.

I will only talk 25% of the time and listen the other 75%

I hope this helps,


Your 6-Gauge dashboard for 2018

It has been said, that what you “focus on”, expands. I challenge you to write down your Units/GCI goal for 2018 and carry it around with you everywhere (on your phone would be perfect). Choose to review your goals daily, weekly and monthly, and do not allow anything to take you off course.

Make 2018 your year of focus.

Focus on hitting your own goals so that you can get more freedom of time, money, relationships and purpose.

Your 6-Gauge dashboard for 2018:

1) Number of active leads in your “pipeline”.

In my experience, only 1 in 4 serious, motivated, and qualified leads complete a deal every month. People are away, working too hard, or dealing with health and family issues. As a result, only 1/4 of your clients will convert each month. So, if you want to do 3 deals a month, you will need 12 clients to focus 3 buy, just replace with 3 more.

2) Number of Appointments weekly.

Once you have set the number of transactions you must do every month, just set your weekly (or monthly) appointment standard, and stick to it! No appointments, no leads, no contracts…

3) Your core Lead generation activity.

Pick one key area or “niche” and spend 80% of your lead generation time there..Successful agents receive 80% of their business from one core area of their business. Unsuccessful agents, switch lead generation activities after each seminar/webinar they attend (they squirrel!), and lose focus and motivation as soon as they don’t get the “quick-result”. Focus on the long money of real estate in 2018, not the short, despite what your immediate needs may be..

4) Your conversion rates matter.

The better your conversion rates, the fewer appointments that you need! If most of your business currently comes from your sphere of influence and referrals, you should be at a 80-905 conversion rate. If you do cold prospecting, it will be closer to 1-3%. A way to measure your current conversion rates is to simply look back at the number of transactions you did last year, vs. number of leads. If the market shifts in 2018, you will need to double or triple the number of leads you need, in order to close the same number of transactions.

5) The “do I do everything” gauge.

Many of you entered real estate as rugged-individualists, but to thrive in this business you need to spend 80% of your time in your strengths, and leverage your weaknesses. Generalist “I do everything” agents are going the way of the dodo bird. The public does not see the value in generalists. The world prefers when you stay in your unique strengths and abilities, and leverage your weakness to others. Successful business people/agents do one thing really well They also spend 80% of their workday focused on activities, they are excellent at doing.

6) My profit/loss statement.

Review it monthly, by simply subtracting your expenses from your revenue. Hold all of your expenses to account. Deduct 25% from every commission cheque and put it away for your taxes. …and finally, set up a separate bank account and credit card for your real estate business. It is a simple and easy way to track revenue and expenses…remember the C.R.A or I.R.S loves to audit realtors. Join me next week via zoom video live as we talk about the 6 gauges..

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Here’s to an awesome and profitable 2018!

Glenn McQueenie

I Love Listings

I love listings! And so do all of the top agents….here’s why…

If I lead generate and get one listing appointment from one of these 8 sources:

1. Sphere of Influence

2. Farm area

3. Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook or other Social media/marketing

4. F.S.B.O’s

5. Referrals from past clients or friends

6. Targeted door knocking in high turnover area’s

7. People I meet throughout the day

8. Other Realtor’s across the country and the U.S

I can then start to “vertically market” around that listing. For example, if I have a listing appointment in a “move-up” area..

1. I could start a marketing campaign to the people living in their first home, that are most likely to move to this neighbourhood. The easiest way to find out these patterns is to go through all of the recent sales in the ”First-time seller neighbourhoods” over the past 2 years, enter the Sellers name in and see where they have moved to. The patterns will become very clear.

2. I could also call all of my past clients who live in that area.

3. I could market either the listing (If I have it) or the fact that there will be a new listing coming out on either Craigslist or Kijiji, and generate leads from potential move-up Buyers.

4. I could hold a neighbours only sneak-peek open houses before the listing comes onto the market and generate $2-$3,000,000 in new business

5. I could approach FSBO’s in the “first time seller” neighbourhood to see if they would like to come and see my new listing

6. I could go “upstream” and lead generate in the market where my seller is moving to…

7. I could place an ad on Craigslist or Kijiji and target the area that my Sellers are moving to

8. I could go an door-knock the First-time Seller neighbourhood and tell them about my new listing

9. I could market via flyers or postcards to the upstream market (see #6)

10. I could hold an open house on the weekend…like most realtors do, or start holding open house during the week between 4-7:00pm. Just add an additional sign that says “Neighbourhood Real Estate Information Centre”

The great thing about following the “vertical marketing” strategy is that for every new lead, Listing and Buyer that you meet…simply “rinse, lather and repeat” this strategy, and you will be well on your way to making 2018, your best year ever.

I hope this helps!

Glenn McQueenie

Forget the Macro and focus on the Micro

Do you have find yourself overwhelmed by the economic news that you hear about everyday? The debt issues of Europe, the budget cuts and layoffs at City Hall, the upcoming provincial downsizing, the loss of manufacturing industries in Ontario, the new economy of the Internet etc. How does that make you feel?

Do you feel like buying a little hovel in rural Ontario and grow your own food, and maybe build a fortress to protect you and your family? My advice….turn off the Radio, stop watching the Evening news, put down the Newspaper and try to stop worrying about the “Macro” Economic issues that affect our industry.

You have no control on these issues and your stress and worry has the ironic twist of only affecting you.Your clients need you to help them with their “Micro” issues that they are focusing on…and that is Buying, Leasing or Selling Real Estate, in order for them to achieve their personal needs, goals and aspirations. Buyers and Sellers are focused on accomplishing their selfish needs to move to a home that works for them. They may be going through a divorce, job loss, new addition to the family, finding the perfect school district for their kids, downsizing, looking for an Investment property or moving closer to where they work. Their focus is ”Micro”, and on what needs to be done today, to achieve their goals. So today…forget “Macro” and focus on helping the ”Micro” needs of your clients. They will thank you and be very grateful for your stewardship!


Thoughts about focusing on “one thing” over the next 90 days

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of “best practices” or ideas that you learn to build your Real Estate practice? This era of new “Information” via the numerous technology platforms, classes, seminars, coaching, books or webinars is having a negative effect on the production of most Realtors. The challenge for most is finding the time to implement anything! How many times has a colleague or trainer said that you must do something this way and magically…you will double or triple your production! And how many times has it really worked for you?

So, my question for you is how do you determine an effective way to grow your business when you are being bombarded by new information everyday?

I believe the best practice that I have ever learned is to focus on implementing one new idea every 90 days…and forget the rest. Most of the top (and expensive) coaching programs in the world have figured out that if they can get their clients to implement one new system into their business every 90 days, the results will be greater than asking them to consider 20, 50 or 100 new ideas.

Lets look at some of the important area’s in your life:

1) Financial- What is one thing that will bring abundance and prosperity to you over the next 90 days?

2) Physical- What habit could you stop, start or continue that would add to you physically and enhance your all round well-being?

3) Friends- What one new friendship, rekindle of an old friendship or expanding of an exiting relationship could you work on over the next 90 days?

4) Family- What could you do over the next 90 days that would deepen your relationship with a family member?

5) MentalWhat could you do to raise your energy and vitality that would make you more attractive and interesting to your sphere of influence?

6) Spiritual- What would your world look like if you could shift your current attitude in order to discover what your purpose in life is?

7) Legacy- what action could i take over he next 90 days that would help me build a legacy for future generations?

I encourage you to take some time over the next few weeks and determine “one thing” in each of the 7 categories that you would like to focus on and implement over the next 90 days. I guarantee you will make more progress and ”move the needle” more than you have in the past 90 days.

Also, I encourage you to consider getting a group of people together to mastermind. I would be honoured to come and help kick off your group for you. Of course, you can also join our Coaching Program and kickstart your success for 2018!

Yours in abundance,

Glenn McQueenie


10 Ways Not To Starve This Winter In Real Estate

The Real estate market in Toronto (and around the world) is dynamic. The market is always in flux and it ebbs and flows due to seasonality, your mindset, the media, changes in Government or Banking policies. Here are 10 ways that you can continue to flourish in any market.

1) Commit to attending as much practical training as possible. Attend training that is based on “doing” and not watching.

2) Ramp up your Lead generation activity. Commit to 2-3 hours per day doing the lead generation activity that best suits your personality and behavioural profile.

3) Understand that the work you do today generally pays off 90 days from now. If you are not busy right now, look back at what you were doing 90 days ago.

4) Narrow your prospecting and marketing focus to one or two markets. The “riches are in the niches”.

5) Commit to spending 4 hours a week working “on” your business…and set a clear vision for where you want to go.

6) Look at all of the clients you are currently working with today. Focus most of your time with the people who have to buy in the next 30-60 days, and the rest of your time on cultivating deeper relationships with your longer term prospects. Think, what is the one thing I could do today to move people along on the home buying/selling process?

7) Understand and respect that people will move on their schedules, not yours. the more you push, the further they pull away.

8 ) Get very clear on what your goals are for the rest of this year.

9) Ensure that your current environment supports your growth. 60% of our business growth is based on our environment. Is the environment that you are in supporting that growth?

10) (This one is totally self-serving) Attend my upcoming 2 day Intensive and/or join The McQueenie Method Coaching group to ensure that you stay on track.

I hope this helps,

Glenn McQueenie

(To join my 2 day Intensive Workshop please email me directly at

The Difference Between the Market and Your Mindset

The market is the market, no matter what the state, and people always need to buy or sell due to certain life-changing events. Seize the opportunity in whatever market you’re in, and understand the importance of returning to the basics of servicing your client, selling and communicating.

I have found that they are really looking to you for your Leadership! As Realtor’s, we must be Leaders who help people think, so they can get what they want, when they want it. Leaders give direction, hope and trust and how you show up both mentally and physically, will determine whether or not they will follow you.

The reality is that all of this starts with you and me. How can we work on our own self-mastery? We must learn to direct our thoughts, control our emotions and create our own destiny, by motivating ourselves to achieve?

I have learned that change occurs from the inside first, and then shows up on the outside…nothing changes until I do.

This is a time for Leadership in the Real Estate Market. Buyers and Sellers are in fear. How we show up to serve them as professionals will determine our destiny.

Remember, that the real material riches in life are health, freedom from worry and peace of mind.

I will commit to helping create an environment that gets rid of fear and encourages perspective. Since 60% of our growth is determined by the environment that we are in….I hope this blog helps to create an environment that supports your growth!


Glenn McQueenie

The Wisdom Of Top Real Estate Agents

Wisdom is something that is acquired over time. You have probably heard the expression “time on the task” , but real wisdom is gained by “time on the task over time”. Please see below for some insight that I have gained from top agents over my 28 years being, and working with top agents.

1. The purpose of building a great Real Estate team is to build a business that makes profit. Profit allows you to grow and add talent to your team, and implement better systems to provide more (and better) services to you clients, that in turn, make them clients for life.

2. They always stay in relationship with their top 20% of clients.

3. When adding new agents to their team, the first thing they look for is a track record of success in a previous career.

4. They understand that having a ”Big Why” in life brings big energy. A “little why” brings little energy.

5. They understand that you need three piles of money. One to fund their lifestyle, a second to get out of debt, and a third to build wealth and financial security. They invest their money in income producing assets in the real estate industry, such as property and second mortgages. They invest their money in a business they know, and not in the stock market.

6. All of their appointments with Buyers and Sellers must be completed by the 2/3 mark of the month. The first week of every month is spent booking a massive amount of appointments for the rest of the month.

7. Every day they spend time lead generating . They understand that from first contact to the closing date, averages 9 months per client. They never do what the other unsuccessful agents do… which is to wait until late December or January to start Lead Generation.

8. They have a detailed Vision Statement of what their business will look like at the end of the year. This Vision clearly lays out what has to happen for this year to be their best year ever. They review it daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly to ensure they stay on track.

9. They understand that their mindset is everything. “If you believe you can or can’t…you are right”

Have an awesome day!

Glenn McQueenie

5 Ways to Rev Up Your Business Right Now

1. Three questions your clients will ask themselves about you.

– Do you care about me?
– Can I trust you?
– Can you help me?

If your clients can answer yes to all three of these questions, you have won their heart, and they will follow you.

2. Go back to the basics

Gary Keller states in his book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent” that Real Estate is all about 3 things. Leads, Listings and Leverage.


Get real with yourself. Everyone of our 260 agents have the ability to handle an incoming call from a customer asking if they could sell their house, or help them buy one. But not everyone in our industry can initiate a lead.
Are you a natural (or want to be a) Lead generator? Or are you a Lead receiver? This industry needs both types to operate effectively. We need the “Hunters” and the “Skinners”. If you love to lead generate then you should be building a team. If you are a lead receiver, you should be on a team.


– Listings maximize your time and dollar per-hour compensation
– Every listing could bring 4 more pieces of business
– Listings create top of mind positioning in neighbourhoods
– It is easier to have 10 listings a month than to have 10 Buyers
– Most top teams are Listing based


When you leverage the right listings, people, systems, technology, database CRM you can dramatically increase the number of homes you sell. The secret is to build a team that can run the system, and then you stay in your unique ability of listing homes, negotiating contracts, removing conditions, and setting the vision for your business.

3. Understand the business language of Real Estate

Numbers speak. They tell you if you are on track to hit your goals.

The numbers we need to track begin with number of leads, number of appointments, numbers of contracts signed, number of units sold and number of closed units. From these numbers we can track how we are doing by benchmarking to the industry. Your local board or national body will publish results every month. How are you doing compared to those numbers?

Which of the following states are you in?

-Decline- production falling year over year
-Static- about the same year over year
-Marginal- slight increase year over year
-Growth- a 20% increase year over year
-Multiplier- 20-50% growth
-Accelerator- Doubling your production

4. Get to know your clients better

It’s about them, not you. When your client succeeds at a really high level, so do you!
What do they need right now from you? What are they thinking about? What keeps them up at night? What would be a dream come true experience for them right now? What is the one thing that you could do to “blow them away” right now?

5. Its all about your mindset.

90% of real estate is mindset. In fact, I believe that building a great real estate practice is about your own personal development. Personal development leads to Business development. What can you do internally, to get others attracted to you externally?

We are all energy. Negative energy attracts negative energy and people. Positive mindset and energy attracts great and positive people. You are who you attract. Momentum in this business is everything. When you have it you look better than you are. when you don’t have it you look worse than you are. Great momentum causes deals to “fall on your lap”, lack of momentum causues every deal you are working on to fall apart.

Great mindset + Great skills and knowledge + Great energy = Great clients and an awesome business.

Glenn McQueenie

The Future of Real Estate – Franchise your Real Estate Team into every city in North America! (Global Real Estate)

I am so excited to speak with you today about Global Real Estate, which is, what I believe, the future in this industry.

Imagine if you could put 1 or 2 additional team members in different offices throughout your city, region, province or Internationally, while controlling everything from a central hub. No need for Bricks and Mortar and own your own franchise…simply insert your team member in to another existing office.

Instead of having a 10-20 person team in your office in Toronto or any other major city….you could scale it up to be in any city in North America( or the world).

Kristan Sapp Cole, an Agent from Alaska, shared with me how she has expanded her team from Anchorage, Alaska to Scottsdale, Arizona (so she can spend the winters there) and now into Salt Lake City!

This concept was created by Gary Keller, (Author of the New York Times best selling book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”), through his collaboration and masterminding with the top teams in North America.

His goal is roll this out to Mega-Agent teams across North America.

Here is what I learned:

1. The best advice is to expand locally first- within 30 km’s (or 20 miles) of your existing office.

2. Then, expand to the next city or region in your province or state.

3. Recruit an agent to an office in the area that you would like to expand first, and consult with the Team Leader/Manager or Broker/Owner to see if they are a fit for their exisiting culture.

4. Control all of your lead generation from your existing hub( or office) and turn it on 2 months before your expansion date.

5. Focus on hiring someone form the “buy-side” of the transaction i.e. an agent that works mostly with

6. Make sure you find someone who has a behaviour profile to follow your system

7. Build a compensation model that you could duplicate through 10 other offices.

8. Make sure your “hub” office has the right talent to administer this program, constantly be lead generating for appointments (not just leads) and has ample expansion support.

9. Build scalable systems

10. Create more opportunity throughout your team for them all to grow and never have to leave you.

We have all witnessed a massive growth of Real Estate teams over the past 10 years. The market share and sheer numbers of transactions that these teams do is amazing and I believe this trend will continue.

What do you think about this?

Glenn McQueeenie