The Difference Between the Market and Your Mindset

The market is the market, no matter what the state, and people always need to buy or sell due to certain life-changing events. Seize the opportunity in whatever market you’re in, and understand the importance of returning to the basics of servicing your client, selling and communicating.

I have found that they are really looking to you for your Leadership! As Realtor’s, we must be Leaders who help people think, so they can get what they want, when they want it. Leaders give direction, hope and trust and how you show up both mentally and physically, will determine whether or not they will follow you.

The reality is that all of this starts with you and me. How can we work on our own self-mastery? We must learn to direct our thoughts, control our emotions and create our own destiny, by motivating ourselves to achieve?

I have learned that change occurs from the inside first, and then shows up on the outside…nothing changes until I do.

This is a time for Leadership in the Real Estate Market. Buyers and Sellers are in fear. How we show up to serve them as professionals will determine our destiny.

Remember, that the real material riches in life are health, freedom from worry and peace of mind.

I will commit to helping create an environment that gets rid of fear and encourages perspective. Since 60% of our growth is determined by the environment that we are in….I hope this blog helps to create an environment that supports your growth!


Glenn McQueenie

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