How to Listen like a Consultant, instead of talking like a Salesperson

It has been said, that if you want to get great answers, you must learn to ask great questions. Please see below for a few tips on how to conduct a great consultation with your clients.

I will follow where they go.

I will not conduct an interrogation.

I will stay in curiosity.

I will use “I am curious…” in my next conversation.

I will be more conversational and use “Wow, tell me more…”

I will pay attention to how they relate and learn. Are they auditory, kinesthetic or experiential?

I will listen more intently and repeat back what they say.

I will stay focused

I will establish rapport by asking questions like “Just wanted to make sure that I heard you?”.

I will let my client answer my questions.

I will ask what is important to them about buying/selling/investing/leasing Real Estate?

I will probe and discover what is really important to them and then explain my plan of action

I will be careful about what I investigate when there are choices.

I will explain how my plan will help them accomplish what is very important to them.

I will only talk 25% of the time and listen the other 75%

I hope this helps,


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