Your Success in a Shifted Market is Weighed on Your Ability to Convert Leads

You need the right capture and conversion system so that you can assess the needs of your client and build a relationship that they will benefit from. Our industry is so focused on working with the “right now” clients and we often lose the equity in longer term leads. Which leads are you investing the most time in?

Listen to part 3 of this series to understand how to survive in a shifting market.

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It is time to get real about your situation...

Your life will either be about your problems or your opportunities and you can either choose to run toward what you want, or stay static. When you understand the Shift in Technology that has taken place, you can thrive in 2019. There is ONE more shift that needs to be addressed, and I will be speaking about it on my next Podcast so please stay tuned. I know you will find this immensely valuable...

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Are you aware of the 3 Shifts for 2019?

Today, I help you to understand the current Economic Shift. In order to truly be ahead of the market, this is the first area you really need to analyze. I have done a lot of the heavy lifting for you, so sit back, relax and learn about this crucial piece of the market puzzle. There are TWO more shifts as well, and I will be speaking about those on my next two Podcasts so please stay tuned. I know you will find this immensely valuable...

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Do your clients see you as a welcomed guest?

Today, we look at setting up your next year for success. 2019 is fast approaching and this is a great time to connect with your clients and keep the momentum going into next year. When you focus on building a longer term model for your business, you will easily outpace those who chase transaction after transaction.

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What are you doing to become the expert in your Niche?

Today we speak with Graeme McInnis, an experienced Realtor who is new to the Vancouver area and looking to become the Niche Expert in Luxury homes. I help him create a plan to target his dream come true clients so that he can build a business that he loves.

Listen to this podcast to learn how to develop a strategy around attracting your perfect fit client.

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What are the 3 things that you can do right now to bulletproof your business, increase your sales and revenue over the next 100 days?

There has never been a better time to build a moat around your current client base than right now. It is hard for people to be taken from your database when you are in contact with them all of the time. In this Podcast I will be giving you tactics to safeguard your business from market shifts so that you can continue to thrive. This is a great opportunity market and it is time for you to determine your own success, versus allowing the market to determine it for you.

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Most businesses fail because they liked the old way so much that they did not change...

We are in a dynamic market right now and it is time to create a strategy for the next 100 days, so that you can succeed. What if you decided to become the hunter and go all in in the next 100 days? People break commitments when they don't see the momentum of forward motion in what they are doing. When you focus on the lowest hanging fruit first, it keeps the momentum going.

What are you committing to do in the next 100 days that will change your life?

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Today we are doing something a little bit different...

On today's podcast I speak with Rob Roland, a Real Estate agent with over 30 years of experience. Rob has built a successful business through referrals and nurturing relationships over the years. He has truly built a business that fits his lifestyle and today we take a look at what advice he has so that you can do that too.

One of the benefits of having a career in Real Estate is that you can have the flexibility and freedom to follow your other passions. Listen to this podcast and learn how to do that in your own life!

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Have you ever wished that you could stop calling for business and have people call you instead?

On today's podcast I speak with Jerome Schrier about moving your business to a place where you have clients calling you. When you are seen as the specialist that will solve all of your clients problems, they value you and they need you to help them. I know you are going to love this podcast, especially if you are interested in being more appreciated and valued in the work that you do! Click below to listen now...

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What things can you do to prepare for your career in Real Estate?

On today's podcast I speak with Sung Choi, someone who is in the pre-licensing phase. We look at his past career and how we can transfer the skills that he already has into Real Estate. So many people spend time working on their weaknesses, when instead, they should be maximizing on their strengths. If you are not sure how to do that, I highly recommend listening to this coaching session with him.

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Are you taking time to reconnect with your past clients right now?

On today's podcast I talk about how to have the best 2 quarters in Real Estate. If you have been hitting your goals this year, then congratulations! If you haven't, then now is the time for you regain your momentum. If you've had a bad year, that's okay but in order to get back into momentum you need to shift your mindset first.

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What kind of platform can you create that draws people towards you before other agents?

Today I speak with Eric Herrera about where someone begins as a new agent. Finding your Niche is not only what you love to do, it is what you are good at. As a new agent, you can still choose an area of focus that matches your level of experience. This allows you to get your business up and running, while building your perfect fit client database at the same time.

Listen to this podcast and learn how to meet people exactly where they are, before they have made the decision to buy.

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Who is your perfect fit client?

Today, I help Jhannell Edwards find her niche. You will love this podcast, because we really fine tune who she is and what she stands for.

People think finding your niche is something that you choose… when really your niche often chooses you.

Your Niche is really what you are passionate about - what gets you out of bed in the morning. The thing that makes you want to keep going when you’ve had a long day, or things aren’t going your way.

Your Niche is your value proposition and it is clarity around who you are and what you’re truly great at.

When you’re passionate about something, other people feel it and are naturally drawn towards working with you.

I know you’re going to love this podcast…

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What is the true cost of each listing that you take??

Last week, we talked about the true cost of each Buyer you work with.

This week we are going to look at what it actually costs you to take on a Listing - and the results will shock you!

So much of the general public believes that we just put a sign in their lawn and sell their home. Often, they choose who they will work with based on how much the Realtor charges in commission.

This is really unfair because most of the Realtors that I know work extremely hard. However, they don’t ever seem to know what the true cost actually is, for each listing that they take.

Listen to this podcast to find out how much it really costs you to sell a home, so that you can increase your own value proposition.

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In this podcast we will break down what the true cost of your time is..

We will go through what it will typically cost you to work with a buyer and I think you will be shocked at what the figures are. Have you ever thought about how much it costs you to have a consultation with a client?

When you understand your own costs, you have the confidence to charge what you know you are worth. Knowing what your own numbers are moves you into treating your Real Estate career like a true business, which it is.

Most business professionals charge at least $150/$250 per hour. Most Real Estate Agents don’t make anywhere close to that. Many people within the public believe that Realtors don’t do enough work to justify a full commission.

After listening to this podcast, you will understand the true cost of working with a buyer so that you have the confidence to charge the proper fees.

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This podcast can change your life..

No matter what market you are in, your current mindset + your current thinking + current habits = your current income.

The only way you can make more money is by improving these key areas.

Listen to this podcast and find out what you can do to change your mindset, in order to completely transform your life and business.

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Switch your focus to the people who are actually going to do business with you.

In my opinion, this business has not changed a bit. It is a contact sport and I think that the way that people lead generate has changed completely.

What is lead generation really about?

You are looking for people that are just like you. Lead generation is about you being you, because everybody else is already taken.

Listen to this podcast and learn to love lead generating, when you do it the right way.

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How do you stand out in a sea of Real Estate Agents?

Today I speak with Alexander Umanets about creating his Niche, using the talents he already has. Any agent can help you buy and sell a home, but your clients want to work with someone who has specialized knowledge.

Instead of going back to the drawing board, look at the skills that you already have and leverage them.

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In this Podcast, I speak with Kevin Yu about creating a marketing plan to target people exactly where they are right now. We create a blue print to not only expand his business, but also give his clients a “wow” experience. What three main priorities do you need in order to hit your goals? Success is easy when you know exactly what you need to do, and you break it down into manageable goals. Use the same blueprint that I give to Kevin in your own business, and make 2018 an amazing year!

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Where do you start as a new agent?
Today, I am speaking with Didi Roberts who is just getting into the Real Estate business. This is a great Podcast for any new agent who is wondering how to get started in the business, for anyone starting out again in a new city or simply, for someone who is looking for a bit of a refresher.

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What is the perceived value of the service that you offer?

There are Three Main Reasons why Niche Markets are so profitable. Becoming the Celebrity Specialist of your Niche is easy when you know how to reverse engineer the process.. The magic of doing business is when you have people chasing you versus you trying to hunt them down.

Come from a place of contribution, and target a defined market to succeed and rise above the competition.

Listen to this podcast now to find out what my 3 Niche Market Secrets are...

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What solution are you providing for your current market?

Today we are joined by Roy Cleeves who has a top producing team in the Kitchener/Waterloo area (Ontario). In 2017 he also started an expansion team in Burlington, and he specializes in the Rent to Own Niche. With the stress test that is being implemented in January, this is going to become even more popular for those who cannot get a mortgage or come up with a down payment but still want to own. Roy also goes over how he gets clients and who he chooses to partner with.

Find out how he creates raving fans on both sides of the transaction!

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What is your current foundation made of?

Markets change and markets move - it isn't what happens in the market that matters, it's how you react to it... The reason why someone chooses to work with you or not depends on how you are reacting to these changes and how well you can navigate through them. In this video I talk about what really happened in 2017, including the stress test, immigration in Ontario, net migration, and what you can do to have an amazing 2018.

What about the recent loss of TREB to the competition bureau?

Join me in this video and get ready to keep getting better for the sake of getting better.

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Part 2 of 2 with Dean Jackson

In this continuation from last weeks podcast, I speak with Dean about how the value in your business is really in building long term equity in your business. Slowing down your lead conversion in order to speed up your lead conversion is where you can really start to plan for the future of your business.

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(Part 1 of 2) Things have changed...

It used to be that commonly people would start looking for a house right around the time that they would be moving. Because the information is now so widely available, we know that the gestation period (the time it takes for them to actually purchase a home) has increased. In other words, people start shopping much further in advance than they used to. This is significant because if you are not playing the long game in Real Estate, then you might not really be in the game at all..

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How can you take your Niche to the next level?

Today I speak with Martin Desjardins about taking, what seems like a simple Niche, to the next level. When you know exactly what your clients stay up late at night thinking about, you can speak directly to their needs - they trust you, no matter what the Niche is.

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What could the new mortgage changes really mean for you and your clients?

Today I speak with Rocco Mongelli, from Mortgage Savvy, so that we can talk about what the new mortgage rules really mean for you and your clients. How are you helping your clients to protect themselves once the changes do take effect? Now is a great time to secure what equity your clients do have... Listen to the podcast to hear us talk about the possible change in affordability and what to do about it now.

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What is your higher calling?

Today I coach Eric C. Thomas, a Realtor out of Cape Cod Massachusetts that has an amazing higher purpose. He is determined to create a legacy, in order to help nurses, like his mother, build wealth through real estate. His passion to help men and women that give so much is so inspiring that it might make you wonder who you can honour in your life today.

Who can you help by following your passion?

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How do you take the things things that you are already good at and build your business around them?

Listen to my coaching call today with Blaine Shular, where we discuss his move to Real Estate from the Home Inspection industry. Change can be a bit scary when you do not have a plan, but once you are able to see the opportunity in the change and create a solid plan around that, you can eliminate that fear and turn it into something amazing.

The journey towards finding your Niche market starts with bringing you and your natural strengths and directing it towards a target market.

What are your Natural Strengths? Let me know!

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How do you break through your current ceiling of production?

The beauty of working with high achievers is that they set goals, they reach them, and then they set even higher goals. Every single entrepreneur, like you, has a ceiling of achievement. Without additional help, they find that it isn 't easy to break through this ceiling on their own...

What can you do to break through your own ceiling of achievement and production?

Start by breaking your goals down into 90 day benchmarks. You will find that your goals are much easier to accomplish when you divide it into more manageable chunks. I love to use the 4-1-1 to stay organized with this... Click here to download a copy of yours today!

Listen to this podcast to hear the rest of my advice on my coaching call with Grant Sprague.

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When you already have a presence in a specific market, how do you use that to target a higher price point?

Today I coach Peter See, and we talk about creating a 90 Day Sprint around the Move-Up Market. If you are wondering how you can improve what you are already doing in a specific market, then this podcast is for you.

How can you target a higher price point in your current Real Estate business so that you can earn more money and have more freedom to do the things that you want to do?

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The best way to get business from past clients is to tell great, award winning stories.

What if you contacted 100 people in the next 3 weeks? Let's commit to making the next 90 days your best 90 days. To do this, you must focus your efforts on your sphere vs. people that don't already like and trust you. 

What if we just changed the game a little bit? What if we just focused our efforts over the next 90 days on people that we already know? How can you stay top of mind to these people?

This is a time to come from contribution, and stay at the top of their minds, the right way.

Listen to the Podcast now and start your 90 Day Sprint with us.

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Are you speaking directly to your Niche's needs, or are you saying what everyone else is saying?

In this Podcast, I coach Shaheen Lambert, a new agent who wants to help independent, successful women to create more wealth and freedom for themselves. We first target an area which is up-and coming and then we move into how she can be seen as an investment expert in this Niche without having a lot of experience yet in Real Estate. When you focus on a smaller target market, it is easier to be seen as the expert much more quickly than if you did not choose a Niche. When you really know your market, people trust and respect your knowledge.

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How do I choose a Niche market when there are so many options?

In this Podcast, I coach Michelle Poirier. As a new agent, she is trying to figure out what her Niche is and doesn't want to leave any group out. We discuss how the Riches are in the Niches, and how by finding the people that she loves to serve, she will have better success than targeting the masses.

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What story are you telling about your business?

In this Podcast, I coach Andrew Reid with Advisors Realty, on how he can break through his current ceiling of achievement and gain more referrals in his Niche Market. First, we take a look at who his target market is, and then we work on how he is attracting these people to him. What you say about your business is more important than you might think - especially when you have chosen a Niche to focus your time in.

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How are you targeting your Niche in ways that specifically speak to their wants and needs?

In this Podcast we speak with Kimberly Small, a Real Estate Agent from Scottsdale, Arizona. I coach Kimberly and help her discover her Niche and build an entire 12 month blueprint around it. After deciding that she loves working with young families, I help her to figure out what exactly that specific Niche is looking for so that she can speak and market to her tribe directly and be seen as the expert in her marketplace.

It is easy to Double or Triple your income when you are seen as the expert in your Marketplace. Listen to the 12 month Blueprint that I create with Kim on our coaching call today!

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How are you turning invisible prospects into visible prospects?

Today we speak with a Rockstar Agent, Owen Lennox, about transitioning from a lead generating business to a lead receiving business. On this call, we focus on how Owen can target investors at a really high level and have them raising their hands to work with with him.

The more value that you add, is the more that you can raise your standards and attract higher-paying clients that are excited to work with you because they see you as the Expert in that specific Niche.

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In this episode we talk with Jason Weinberger, a Real Estate Agent who has successfully leveraged online marketing and lead capture so that he can have the freedom to travel and truly enjoy his life and live his purpose.

On this phone call we focus on how Jason is currently disrupting the market and how by getting clarity on one Niche, he can maximize what he is already doing, grow exponentially and reach more people!

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In this episode we talk with Real Estate Lawyer, Zahra Marani, about the 8 tips to bulletproof your transactions in a "Shifting" market. You work so hard to put a deal listen as we discuss how to keep them together, so you get paid, and have happy raving fans of your business!

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Today's podcast is a recording I made at my class at Strategic Coach. It is a discussion about future technologies that will change your life.

Join me as we listen to Dan Sullivan and Peter Diamandis talk about Abundance 360.

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Do you really want to know what Buyers and Sellers want from an agent? Join me on this weeks podcast as I talk about:

1) The three questions Buyers and Sellers are asking themselves when they meet you?

2) How to stop "telling and selling", and start "listening and consulting" to build a big business. The three theme to follow..

3) The latest research from the National Association of Realtors Home Buyer/Seller profiles

4). How Buyers really choose their agent

5) How Sellers choose their agent

6) You have a 65-70% chance of closing a Buyer/Seller, by just showing up the right way.

7) How niche markets guarantee wealth and security for your family

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How can you speak directly to your community and Niche market? What unique opportunity are you creating for your business? Lead follow up is the area that many agents are not able to do at a really high level, which is why "paid for" leads are not always valuable. If you are not able to properly understand and follow up with these people, then you won't be able to add a massive amount of value to them either. It is time to position yourself as a Niche Market Expert. In this market, you need to be highly skilled and this is exactly what I am here to help you with.

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Today we talk about a really cool Niche which was born out of Jason's experience with the CIA. While he loved working for the CIA, Jason realized that it was really a single man's game, and as he began to start a family, he branched off and created his own business based on his Unique skills and experience. Have you ever thought about how you can protect yourself in Real Estate? Listen in on this podcast to find out not only how Jason created his Niche and took off, but also how you can keep yourself protected and safe while meeting clients and performing open houses.

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It's the small things that matter... This week, we discuss creating a Unique Customer Experience for clients with Reuven Gorscht of MoveSnap. What problem have you solved for your clients and how are you unique in what you do for them? Listen in today, as we discuss someone who has accomplished just that.

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This time we speak about hiring talent, and the perfect person for this is none other than my General Manager of Operations, Jaime Wagg. If there is anyone who knows how to find and place talent, it is Jaime. With an extensive background in real estate management and event production, Jaime gives us tips and insight on how to run a high level business.

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Listen to the end to find out how Nickey Calford was able to get a bus load of people to her last investment tour! A true rockstar who went from flipping properties to getting her real estate license. After flipping 18 of her own investment properties, we discuss how she can use her unique talents and abilities to expand her real estate business and create her own market.

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This is one podcast that you NEED to listen to - trust me on this one... From chef to renovation expert, Ian Szabo shares his secrets with us today. Author of "Fix & Flip" and "From Renos to Riches", Ian has become immensely successful by not only creating his OWN market, and also by giving back to his community. He is truly a game changer and a difference maker, and I highly suggest that you listen to his wisdom today.

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Listen, as I discuss the reasons why Niches are becoming even more profitable, and referrals are not. Your Niche focus actually attracts people away from other Realtors, all while saving money on marketing and creating a line up of people that are excited and motivated to work with you.

Have you picked your Niche yet?

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In this podcast, I am coaching Joanne Johnson. Have you thought about getting involved in the Sale Leaseback niche? Join me today as we create a plan to help seniors to sell their homes and stay where they are now! What if you could help them get the most money out of their home AND not have to move right away? Make sure to listen to this podcast to find out the specifics!

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In this podcast, I am coaching Joanne Spruce from Vernon, British Columbia. How do you break into a new market when it is dominated by discount brokerages? Where do you start? Listen in to find out, and let me know what you think!

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In this Podcast I am coaching David Johanns - a Realtor from Toronto, ON. With a background in the arts, I help David to discover his Niche by combining his passion for creativity and Real Estate. How do you start the transition into a luxury market in a city like Toronto? Listen now to find out!

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This week, I am the one getting interviewed! What is REALLY happening with the Real Estate market, you ask? Watch below to gain some insight... how has your business been affected by the current market - or has it?

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In this Podcast, I coach Jason Watson. Have you ever wanted to focus on working with investors? If so, you will want to listen to this.

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This week, listen in as I coach Catherine Dawe, and help her to discover her niche. Catherine has a large book of business and is looking to further fine tune her marketing and reach in order to target the right clients and become even more efficient as a luxury specialist.

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Listen in as we discover how to maximize April Almeida's business and get more leads from every listing that she takes by extending the listing process. All while becoming the neighbourhood expert and connecting with the community.

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Listen in as we discover Linda Stephen's Niche. What if you were able to be a hero to the people that you loved to work with and serve?

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Carole McIntyre wants to expand her business from her sphere of Influence and past clients. So, I share some:

1) Proven willing formulas and techniques to keep her even more connected to her database

2) Tell her the secret to get 14 referrals form 38 phone calls

3) Winning touch point marketing formulas.

4) We finish with open house conversion techniques

5) The best question to ask at an Open House

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"Are you giving value without asking for dollars?" - Dan Sullivan

In this weeks podcast, I interview one of my greatest mentors and coaches, Dan Sullivan from Strategic Coach. Today we address commoditization and how we can combat it. This is one that you definitely want to listen to... Dan is a visionary, an innovator, and a gifted conceptual thinker, and I highly encourage you to listen to this, because I know how valuable this will be for you, your life and your business.

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In this podcast, I interview Vivien Sharon of Yorkville Lifestyle Real Estate. In just four years her business has now tripled, after successfully building her Niche Market. She is now seen as the expert in one of Toronto's most desirable neighbourhoods, all because she decided to go very Niche in a great geographic market.

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In this podcast, I interview Julie Kinnear of the Julie Kinnear Team. Learn how she has transformed her real estate business to being almost completely repeat and referral based. She knows that when you have consistent systems in your business, your clients magically get consistent, and amazing results and love referring other people to you. Listen to this and as yourself what systems you can implement in your business to deliver a unique experience to your own clients.

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In this podcast, I interview Candice Frigualt-Schott of The Schott Team. Candice has built her business on solid models and systems and has built a Niche around hosting client parties and events. After being in real estate for 12 years, her repeat and referral business now makes up over 75% of her teams total revenue. What would your life look like if you doubled your income, like Candice, AND over 75% of your business came from repeat and referrals?

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What is better in this cold weather than listening to my podcast with Tuan Tran who has tripled his income by Niching into Toronto Investment Properties? Tuan realized that it actually took less effort to work with Investors only, and built his business model around his own perfect fit client. How could you start to do this in your business?

Listen to his story, learn and implement from the best.

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In this podcast, I interview Chuck Charlton of the Charlton Advantage Real Estate Team. He and his wife run a successful real estate team which has been built within a geographic Niche. They have a database of about 15,000 people, which they communicate with constantly.

Here is a great example of someone who understood the benefits of Niching and is now dominating that share of the marketplace.

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Here is another Podcast for you to enjoy. Join me as I speak to Michelle Morgan from "Build Her Wealth". Here is an example of someone who has created her Niche, is receiving the benefits from it, and is able to give back to people who she is passionate about helping.

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In this weeks podcast, I interview the amazing Dean Jackson of "I Love Marketing" and "More Cheese Less Whiskers". Dean and I have been friends for over 20 years and he has also been one of my closest mentors. He is one of the best in the marketing industry. He also owns a company called "90 Minute Books"( the company I used for both of my books!), which I highly recommend if you are interested in writing you own book. If you want to learn from the best, listen to this podcast.

"I fell in love with Marketing as a young boy when I first realized that selling stuff on commission was way easier than renting myself out by the hour for a regular job... and I've never looked back. I've carried that distaste for real work into my adult life and have focused on a lifestyle centered approach to business using marketing as the ultimate lever to a life of freedom and fun." - Dean Jackson

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Listen to this 20 minute podcast-interview with Realtor Monte Burris, on how to move from a Generalist running everywhere, to a hyper local neighbourhood Celebrity Specialist in 2 years. Monte's G.C.I has increased 400%. This interview is a beauty, and I think you will get a lot of wisdom from our 20 minute chat.

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Do you want to be a guest on my next Podcast? If you are interested in receiving a free, recorded coaching call, please email me and we will set up a time for the interview. I will help you discover your Niche, and the call will be featured as one of my upcoming Podcasts.