Forget the Macro and focus on the Micro

Do you have find yourself overwhelmed by the economic news that you hear about everyday? The debt issues of Europe, the budget cuts and layoffs at City Hall, the upcoming provincial downsizing, the loss of manufacturing industries in Ontario, the new economy of the Internet etc. How does that make you feel?

Do you feel like buying a little hovel in rural Ontario and grow your own food, and maybe build a fortress to protect you and your family? My advice….turn off the Radio, stop watching the Evening news, put down the Newspaper and try to stop worrying about the “Macro” Economic issues that affect our industry.

You have no control on these issues and your stress and worry has the ironic twist of only affecting you.Your clients need you to help them with their “Micro” issues that they are focusing on…and that is Buying, Leasing or Selling Real Estate, in order for them to achieve their personal needs, goals and aspirations. Buyers and Sellers are focused on accomplishing their selfish needs to move to a home that works for them. They may be going through a divorce, job loss, new addition to the family, finding the perfect school district for their kids, downsizing, looking for an Investment property or moving closer to where they work. Their focus is ”Micro”, and on what needs to be done today, to achieve their goals. So today…forget “Macro” and focus on helping the ”Micro” needs of your clients. They will thank you and be very grateful for your stewardship!