"Shift your mindset" coaching program

Glenn’s real estate coaching focuses on shifting your focus from your past and present achievements to the bigger successes that are still to come. Together, you will simplify those complex problems that leave you feeling stuck in the present and build up the courage to commit to your big goals.

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Choose the right coaching method for you

Glenn loves to teach, and he knows that everyone learns in different ways. You might thrive on the energy of a group coaching session. Or maybe you would like to get to know Glenn by reading one of his books. Glenn developed four different coaching methods so that you can find what works best for you.

Mindset scorecard

Glenn developed a scorecard that discusses eight crucial mindsets. For each of these mindsets, you will rate yourself on where you feel you currently score as well as where you would like to be in the future. Examine your current thinking and what you can focus on to become your desired future self.

Mindset Scorecard


Glenn leads group coaching seminars, teaches online courses, and is a sought-after guest speaker at live events in North America and Europe. He is a highly effective teacher who shares his insights and knowledge with a touch of humour, making it an engaging experience for all participants.

Private coaching

If you want a personalized approach, you can buy a package of one-on-one coaching or group coaching for your team. Glenn will work with you directly to identify what is holding you back before introducing you to a simple, achievable plan in which you set your own goals.

Private coaching


Glenn is the author of three successful books, which are all available for download (or get the audiobook of Shutdown Slingshot). The books will give you a good idea of who Glenn is and how he approaches the real estate world. Get one or all three of his books and start growing your business.