Go back to the basics- The Three things you need to focus on are Leads, Listings and Leverage

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Get real with yourself. Every agent has the ability to handle an incoming call, or internet lead from a customer asking if they could sell their house, or help them buy one. But not everyone in our industry can initiate a lead.

Are you a natural (or want to be a) Lead generator? Or are you a Lead receiver?

This industry needs both types to operate effectively. We need the “Hunters” and the “Skinners”. If you love to lead generate then you should be building a team. If you are a lead receiver, you should be on a team.

-Listings maximize your time and dollar per-hour compensation
– Every listing could bring 4 more pieces of business- go to this link or more information
– Listings create top of mind positioning in neighbourhoods
– It is easier to have 10 listings a month than to have 10 Buyers
– Most top teams are Listing-based

When you leverage the right listings, people, systems, technology, database CRM you can dramatically increase the number of homes you sell. The secret is to build a team that can run the system, and then you stay in your unique ability of listing homes, negotiating contracts, removing conditions, and setting the vision for your business.

Every business begins as a “I” business, grows to a “We” business, but the goal is to create a “They” business that runs by itself!

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