How you can turn 1 Listing into 4 more transactions!

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Good morning,

I love listings! And so do all of the top agents.

We all understand that our goal is to get the most money for the Sellers, as quickly as possible and with the fewest problems. This is the universal goal of all top listing Agents. What if we were to be a bit more strategic, and focus on picking up a minimum of three more transactions for every new listing we take?

Lets start with getting the listing first

If I lead generate and get one listing appointment from one of these 8 sources;

1. Sphere of Influence

2. Farm area

3. Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook or other Social media/marketing

4. F.S.B.O’s

5. Referrals from past clients or friends

6. Targeted door knocking in high turnover area’s

7. People I meet throughout the day

8. Other Realtor’s across the country and the U.S

I can then start to “vertically market” around that listing. For example, if I have a listing appointment in a “move-up” area..

1. I could start a marketing campaign to the people living in their first home, that are most likely to move to this neighbourhood. The easiest way to find out these patterns is to go through all of the recent sales in the ” First-time’ seller neighbourhoods over the past 2 years . The patterns will become very clear.

2. I could also call all of my past clients who live in that area.

3. I could market either the listing ( I f I have it) or the fact that there will be a new listing coming out on either Craigslist or Kijiji, or do Facebook advertising, SEO, Instagram etc, and generate leads from potential move-up Buyers. 

I could advertise the monthly carrying costs on the “Looking to rent” or ” Homes for rent” sections of these sites as well!

4. I could hold a neighbours only sneak-peek open houses before the listing comes onto the market and generate $2-$3,000,000 in new business

5. I could approach FSBO’s in the “first time seller” neighbourhood to see if they would like to come and see my new listing

6. I could go “upstream” and lead generate in the market where my seller is moving to…

7. I could place an ad on Craigslist, Kijiji , Facebook and target the area that my Sellers are moving to

8. I could go adn door-knock the First-time Seller neighbourhood and tell them about my new listing

9. I could market via flyers or postcards to the upstream market (see #6)

10. I could hold an open house on the weekend…like most realtor do, or start holding open house during the week between 4-7:00pm. Just add an additional sign that says “Neighbourhood Real Estate Information Centre”

The great thing about following the “vertical marketing’ strategy is that for every new lead, Listing and Buyer that you meet…simply “rinse, lather and repeat” this strategy, and you will be well on your way to making 2013, your best year ever.

I hope this helps!

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