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How many times have you heard that “this is the best course and you have to take it!”. Our industry screams this at agents so much…that we all become numb to it. We become numb to it for two reasons:
1.We have attended so many courses over the years and have either been over promised or under delivered
2. We attend a great course, promise ourselves that we are going to implement all the great ideas that we learned…and then life happens, we forget about it, and add another manual to the the worlds smartest bookshelf.

Here is the real truth about great Real Estate training. It must change your mindset, develop more skills and instill better habits over a prolonged period of time.
I love the guy who does the diet commercials on the radio in Toronto. The last line in his commercial is priceless- He says “if you could do it alone, you would have done it already”.

I love it because it is the truth. No one succeeds alone, including you. In fact the most successful people I have ever met in my life, always say they could have never done it alone.

So what do most agents do…nothing? They drift along year, after year making about the same money (give or take +/- 10-20%) and give up their dream of being financially secure and then making a difference in the world. They settle. They give up on a dream. They look for greener pastures, blame the customers, their broker, and the “other agent”, their company they are at…and live in the world of resentment. What a shame.

The only time this ever turns around is when they go on a roll, sell a bunch of homes in a row, start getting lots of money coming in…and then they suddenly pronounce ” I love Real Estate”, or ” I love this business!”.
And then they stop working, take time off, and slowly go back into the same slump they were in a few months ago. What torture!
Back on the real estate rollercoaster

It does not have to be this way. Find the right course that will get in your head, and get you back to your potential.

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