The Eight Core Strategies to Make Next Year, Your Best Year Ever

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Happy New Year!!

I truly hope that you had a chance to take some time off, and rest from all of your hard work and efforts in 2012.
I love this time of the year! The office is full of people and the energy is off the chart as people are excited about the New Year. Please see below for a list of the eight core strategies that will make 2013 your best year ever.

  1. Focus on “getting stuff done”. Everything you do should have an outcome attached to it. Only attend a training, coaching, mentoring or business development event if you are willing to commit to implementation right away. Learning for knowing is entertainment, learning for doing is the only reason for attending any event.
  2. Focus your time on “Realtor” time and not on ‘Monkey” time. If you want to see how you are doing on this start writing down what you are doing every 15 minutes. You will find that most of our time is spent “monkeying around” instead of direct interactions with our clients. 90% of work time should be spent in ” Realtor time”, or your top 20% of meeting Buyers, Sellers, Showing homes, Presenting offers and getting Contracts signed.
  3. Install great models and systems in your business do that every client as the great world class experience….every time. Models and systems giver your stability, predictability, freedom, leverage and ensures that you give everyone the same unique amazing service
  4. Lead Generation is the key, but improving your Lead Conversion skills is the real “Gold”. Once you master Lead Conversion by installing proven systems and models into your business, and knowing what to say and when to say it, your production will soar.
  5. Make sure that every new Listing that you take generates at least four extra pieces of business for you. See my blog post on December 3rd for more information. Does your team, Brokerage or Office partner with you to teach you how to generate more business from every listing you take? If not, seek out the training that will give you four more transactions for every listing that you take.
  6. Orchestrate more referrals from your Sphere of Influence. Referrals are entirely predictable when you set a system. If you think referrals are random…you do not have the right system.
  7. A career in Real Estate is simple, not easy. We work in an industry that is so simple to understand, yet people have such a hard time trying to make it a prosperous and predictable career. The more people you meet, the more contacts your create, the more business you will receive….and then simply rinse, lather and repeat! Every agent or Real Estate Instructor is guaranteed to have an opinion of how to be successful in Real Estate. At the end of the day it boils down to the same thing. Lead generate, provide a world class experience by installing proven systems into your business, be a nice person, treat every client you meet with the utmost respect until they self-eliminate themselves through their own actions ( or your lack of skill and Mastery), and build a community around yourself that constantly adds value to your clients before, during and after the transaction.
  8. Seek Coaching and Accountability- because you don’t know what you don’t know. All great achievers find people to encourage them on your journey. Most of the top agents know have multiple coaches and understand that nobody succeeds alone.

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