The wisdom of top Teams

Team management

Wisdom is something that is acquired over time. You have probably heard the expression “time on the task’, but real wisdom is gained by ” time on the task over time’. Please see below some of the wisdom I have gained from top agents:

1. The purpose of building a great Real Estate team is to build a business that makes profit. Profit allows you to grow and add talent to your team, and implement better systems to provide more services to you clients…that in turn, make them clients for life.

2. They always stay in relationship with their top 20% of clients

3. When adding new agents to their team, the first thing they look for is a track record of success in a previous career

4. They understand that having a” Big Why” in life brings big energy. A little “why’ brings little energy.

5. They understand that you need three piles of money. One to fund their lifestyle, a second to get out of debt, and a third to build wealth and financial security

6. All of their appointments with Buyers and Sellers for the month, must be completed by the 2/3 mark of the month. The first week of every month is spent booking a massive amount of appointments for the rest of the month.

7. At this time of year, they spend most of their time lead generating for next year. They never do what the other unsuccessful agents do…wait until late December or January to start Lead Generation.

8. They right a Vision statement every December, that clearly lays out what has to happen for next year to be their best year ever.

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