Why you should call every Seller that you know…and explain the 21-day emergency home selling window

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In my 24 years of Real Estate I have never seen a market like this! Historically low inventory, along with record low rates, and so many Buyers competing for so few homes.

How can you take advantage of this unique situation? You should pick up the phone today and call every person you know that has talked about selling their home. Tell them that they have a 21-day window to get an extra 5-8% above fair market value! This is a short-term low-inventory crisis. This is your opportunity to get even the unmotivated Sellers to consider putting their home on the market. In my experience, the one thing that turns an unmotivated Seller into a motivated Seller is money. How many times have you talked to a Seller, and they tell you that they will sell if you can get them an extra $20-$50,000 for their home? Every Seller I have ever talked to believes that their homes is usually worth 5-8% above market value.

Traditionally, at this time of the year, people start to think about moving. I don’t know if it just a “Spring thing” or a truly psychological event that causes people to view Spring as a time of change and renewal( it seems like people choose Spring to dump their partners, change habits and focus on improvement and change).

So, pick up the phone today, and call every Seller you know. Tell them about this unique 21-day window that will allow them to get an extra 5-8% for their home. Present to them the strategy of going for a later 60.90 or 120 day closing so that they can buy their next home in the upcoming high-inventory months of Real Estate. I hope this helps.

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My conversation with Dean Jackson about the “Secret Psychology of why people refer Real Estate Agents”The One About Referrals http://greattorontorealestatecoach.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/The-One-About-Referrals.mp3

It is about 20 minutes long and would great to play in the background while you are on mls or facebook.

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