The difference between a Real Estate Agent and a Great Real Estate Agent

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An Average Agent-only performs the “Functionary” role Real Estate

1) They tell and sell

2) They only respond to a need when asked

3) Assumes little responsibility

4) Completes the “task” only

5) Delivers information

6) Meets expectations

7) Is completely replaceable and interchangeable

Great Real Estate Agent masters the” Fiduciary” role in Real Estate

1) They spend a lot of time educating and guiding people through the entire process.

2) They provide an amazing overview of the process to ensure their clients feel comfortable with any and all decisions.

3) They anticipate their clients’ needs

4) They accept total responsibility for everything that happens. They own the result

5) They advise and consult like a great doctor, lawyer or specialist would do

6) They always exceed expectations and end up creating raving fans of their business

7) They are irreplaceable as clients firmly believe (and often tell them) that they could do it without them.

8) They do what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it, and in the way they said they would do it!

Choose to be Fiduciary!

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