15 things a top Real Estate Agent does

Business advice

1) Lead generates based on their personality type and then selects and recruits those leads that they want

2)  Is focused on others instead of themselves

3)  Is available and highly visible to their sphere of influence

4)  Always shares information openly and willingly

5) Asks great questions to discover their client’s true mission for moving.

6)  Earns the Heart, Loyalty and Respect of their clients

7)  Coaches their client to make decisions when they are the ” Highest version” of themselves and not when they are deciding from Ego, Anger, Pride or emotions

8) Always time blocks for productivity…when they are at work, they work

9) Has the ability, skills and knowledge required to make others take action

10) Recognizes the efforts of others and says” Thank you”

11)  Is just as available after the “closing” of the transaction as they were before it

12)  Succeeds through others

13) Is a” Servant Leader”  that empowers the success of  others

14) Is always focused on improving their own physical and mental energy so that they always show up in excellence

15)  Understands that whenever there is resistance…there is an opportunity for growth 

 When you really think about it, there is not a lot of space or distance between being “Good” and “Great”. The only difference is that being” Great’ requires just a little bit more effort. Effort is what makes a good marriage great,  a good friend a great friend,  a good career to a great career, a good life become a great life, a good business to a great business.  Go out and become” Great”.

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