How to gain Mastery in relating to your clients

Business advice

1)     Everyone needs to feel positive about themselves and about what they do.
2)    Mastery in real estate is making every party to the transaction “look good” and “be right”.  This the foundational piece to creating “Raving fans” of you and your business.
3)    Everybody wants to have a sense of what they are doing is meaningful and significant.
4)    Everyone wants to be involved (closer to the problem, closer to the solution).
5)    Everybody wants to be challenged and rewarded. Reward your clients for their great behavior.
6)     Everyone wants to feel like they belong to a club.
7)     Your main focus should always be how I can build economic wealth for my clients.
8)     Always focus on catching your clients, associates, support staff, friends and family doing them doing something right.
9)    From a longevity point of view, your customers are your assets. They only thing that does not depreciate over time. Every one of your customers knows at least 200-400 people. Create a mental picture of those 200-400 people standing behind your customer…it changes the way you view them.

 Your goal is to switch from “It’s all about me” to “Plays well with others”

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When you really think about it, there is not a lot of space or distance between being “Good” and “Great”. The only difference is that being” Great’ requires just a little bit more effort. Effort is what makes a good marriage great, a good friend a great friend, a good career to a great career, a good life become a great life, a good business to a great business. Go out and become” Great”.