Why you should consider doing an Annual Review with your clients

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A great tool that I have been using for years is my Annul client review. If you think about it, most of your clients will meet with their financial planner, life insurance agent, doctor, dentist or their boss to have an annual review. So why don’t real estate agents have annual reviews with their clients? My experience has shown me that three great things will happen when you do an annual review.

  1.      Your clients will decide to refinance their home to take advantage of better rates and mortgage products.

 2.      Your clients will discover how much their house has appreciated in value and decide to move up or down to another home.

 3.       They will decide to do nothing, but will be grateful that you called to check in to see how they are doing.

 How to do an Effective Annual Review 

What do your clients want to know?

 An example might be; how much is my house worth or how much have a paid off my mortgage? Should I refinance? Should I move?

 What do you want to know as an agent?

 Are they moving?

Are they renovating?

Are they thinking about buying an investment property?

Are they thinking about buying a vacation home?

Are they thinking about consolidating debt?

Do they want to lower or increase their mortgage payment?

 Choose to start doing annual reviews with your clients. You will feel great when you help your client and they will appreciate that you cared enough to call and see how they are doing. Also, your clients may feel inspired to send someone they care about to you.

Five Questions to keep yourself Accountable

1.  What was your goal?

2.  How did you do?

3.  How do you feel about that?

4.  Based on how you did, what is your goal and what is it you need to do now?

5. Is there anything that might keep you from doing that?  If you need training or support to do this, what might it be?

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