The 3 questions Top Agents must ask themselves…

Team management

The moment you commit to building a great real estate sales team is the same moment you start your road to freedom. Leverage of people, models and systems should always be your goal. I have learned in my years of building teams that having marginal people, marginal models and marginal systems lead to marginal profits ( if any). Outstanding people, models and systems lead to outstanding profits. Outstanding profits are required to create enough money to fill the three buckets of money that you need in your life.

Bucket 1– the money you need to fund your lifestyle

Bucket 2– the money you need to pay of your debts

Bucket 3– the money you need to build financial wealth

When you make a bad hire, the intangible cost is 3 times the employee’s salary, 10 times a manager salary and 20 times a CEO salary. When you hire a marginal “fit’ to your organization, the teams performance may increase by 10%. When you have a great hire…the performance of the team goes up 40%!! Questions to ask yourself below?

1) What do I want? 2) What do you have now? 3) Who would I replace on my team if I had a better candidate?

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