The One Skill that Top Agents Need build a great team

Team management

In my experience, most top agents have an excellent lead generation program and some great operating systems that help them execute the high volume of sales that they do. The one skill they don’t have is….hiring and retaining great talent!

Everything in your organization rises and falls on the people.

Marginal people = Marginal profits, Outstanding people= Outstanding profits!

The cost of a bad hire can be best illustrated below:

When bad hire is an employee…cost is 3 times their salary
When bad hire is a manager……cost is 10 times salary
When bad hire is a Leader………cost is 20 times their salary.

The most important aspects of making a great hire by Rank:

1. Energy
2. Desire
3. Motivation
4. Competitiveness
5. Coach-ability
6. Skills
7. Attitude
8. Passion
9. Work ethic
10. Integrity
11. Intelligence
12. Social Skills
13. How they work under pressure
14. Connectivity
15. Loyalty

Your role as a Mega Agent is to define the performance that you want on your team and then spend time finding people who can perform. Your next step is to get them into Action Focused training in their first 100 days (while you evaluate if they are a match), and then develop them into self-managed and motivated individuals.

There is a war for talent out in the real world, due to the fact that only 5-10% of the working population can be defined as great talent. Your goal is to recruit, select, hire and train people that get things done!!

Rules for running your team:

1. I must not spend time with marginal players

2. I must spend time with people who are doing things right….not wrong

3. I must always be on the lookout for great talent

4. If I find great talent,  either top-grade immediately, or create a new position for top talent

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