Make this year, the year you stop being a Secret Agent!

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I know so many great agents.

Some of them are busy all the time, while others go through periods of “super-busy” followed by “super-slow”. The biggest difference between a growing, thriving real estate practice and a super-busy, super slow-practice is the quality of your database.

If you are constantly adding people to your database on a regular basis, you get to spread your name through different spheres of people. This spreads your workload more evenly throughout the year.

Have you noticed in your own database that there are years when everyone wants to move? And other years where everyone stays still? The key is to add people from different demographic categories every week. This prevents you database from “aging”, and will ensure a steady supply of business and referrals.

I believe that everyone knows at least 400 people, and can easily stay in touch with a core group of 150.

Make this year, the year  you stop being a “secret” agent and actively engage in meeting new people and adding them to your database. By simply adding 10-20 contacts a month and putting them on an 8×8 touch, followed by a 33-touch program, you will create a thriving business.

In Summary, add to your database very day, communicate in a systematic way….and please stop saying to people when they ask “How’s is the Real Estate Business?” that it is “great” and you are very” busy”… communicates to them that you do not need their help in growing your business.

Good morning,

It’s time to relax.

One of the things I find most interesting at this time of year is that most Mega-Agents do not take the time to pause and reflect on the great year they just had. Instead, as the holiday season approaches, and most people are looking forward to taking time off and spending it with family and friends, Mega-Agents start to get a little depressed by the notion that they have to do it all over again in 2012. Call it the curse of being a goal driven, always striving individual. This is not good or bad….it just is.

So, this morning I ask you…just for a day or two…to take some time and be grateful. Be grateful for all of the people that you were able to serve this year. Be grateful to your team and the fact that you were able to provide a great living for them and their families. Be grateful that you were able to inspire them and help create a bigger version of their lives. Be grateful that you are still alive and can walk and talk. Be grateful that you have 2 hands, 2 arms and two legs. Be grateful that that you have your health.

I have attended too may funerals this year and I believe all of those people we lost would exchange places with you in a minute.

So, take a deep breathe, let the air fill your lungs and slowly exhale… have breath, you have life….and enjoy the feeling of massive gratitude.

Gratitude fills your bucket

Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to you all.

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