Thoughts about focusing on “one thing” over the next 90 days

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Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of “best practices” or ideas that you learn to build your Real Estate practice? This era of new “Information” via the numerous technology platforms, classes, seminars, coaching, books or webinars is having a negative effect on the production of most Realtors. The challenge for most is finding the time to implement anything! How many times has a colleague or trainer said that you must do something this way and magically…you will double or triple your production! And how many times has it really worked for you?

So, my question for you is how do you determine an effective way to grow your business when you are being bombarded by new information every day?

I believe the best practice that I have ever learned is to focus on implementing one new idea every 90 days…and forget the rest. Most of the top( and expensive) coaching programs in the world have figured out that if they can get their clients to implement one new system into their business every 90 days, the results will be greater than asking them to consider 20, 50 or 100 new ideas.

Let’s look at some of the important areas in your life:

1) Financial- What is one thing that will bring abundance and prosperity to you over the next 90 days?
2) Physical- What habit could you stop, start or continue that would add to you physically and enhance your all round well-being
3) Friends- What one new friendship, rekindle of an old friendship or expanding of an existing relationship could you work on over the next 90 days?
4) Family- What could you do over the next 90 days that would deepen your relationship with a family member?
5) Mental- What could you do to raise your energy and vitality that would make you more attractive and interesting to your sphere of influence
6) Spiritual- What would your world look like if you could shift your current attitude in order to discover what your purpose in life is?
7) Legacy- What action could I take over the next 90 days that would help me build a legacy for future generations.

I encourage you to take some time over the next few weeks and determine “one thing” in each of the 7 categories that you would like to focus on and implement over the next 90 days. I guarantee you will make more progress and” move the needle” more than you I am thinking about  rolling out this and other plans to a new Millionaire mastermind group. The goal of the group is to bring each person to having a net worth of a million dollars, an income of a million dollars per year, and a further passive income stream of a million dollars per year.

I encourage you to consider getting a group of people together to mastermind. I would be honored to come and help kick off your group for you.

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