Thoughts for the Second half of the year continued…

Business advice
  1. If you have had a great year so far, keep going! The gift of momentum in Real Estate is that it makes you look better than you really are…the same way as a slump makes you look worse than you really are!
  2. If you have had an average year so far, it is time to spend a few hours working “on” your business, instead of in it. What is the one tool, system, mindset, training class that you need? Most top performers focus on implementing one new thing every 90 days in their business. What is the one thing you need right now, that if you implemented it into your business…it would have a progressive, long lasting effect on your business. It could be as simple as committing to stay in touch with your clients via a newsletter every month, hiring a person on your team or committing to Lead Generation.
  3. If you have had a sub-par year so far, it is time to take a deep look at your business model, brokerage, coach or mentors and decide if they are properly aligned with you. Ask yourself one simple question…Am I committed to having a great career in Real Estate? Or just interested? When somebody becomes committed, there is no obstacle in the world that can stand between them and their goal. If you are just interested, then you will find every obstacle in the world to blame for not achieving the goals that you set for yourself

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