Happy New Year in July!

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Happy New Year!

What?? I think it is time that we stop planning our year based on a January start. Most agents do the majority of their business in the first half of the year and the temptation for some, is to take time off in the summer and then kind of “coast” throughout the Fall. The challenge with this mindset is that in most years, you will end up with about the same number of deals or Gross Commission Income.

What if you changed your mindset to start thinking that July 1st is the first day of your New Year? How would that affect your production? I have learned that you can never have too much business, money or production in Real Estate. The market can move against you very quickly for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you just get into a rut and everything you touch blows up, while at other times everything you touch turns to gold. It is called life, and it just is what it is.

The great thing about this mindset, is the competitive advantage you will gain over your fellow Realtor’s. While they are away…you get to play!. You do not have to worry about the competition as far as lead generation goes (unlike when everyone starts calling for leads in January) because nobody is around. Many Realtor’s take the Summer off (unless they had a terrible Spring) and historically there are a lot of sales that happen through July, August and September. The increase in Inventory allows you to find great homes for your Buyers and not be in as many multiple offer situations. I always tell my Buyer’s that the best time for them to buy a home is July/August or December/January. For Sellers, we know that the best time for them to get top dollar is in the other months.

So, start thinking ” Happy New year” and go make the next 6 months of this year,  your best 6 months ever!!

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