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Learning new skills and knowledge in the Real Estate business is one of the best things you will ever do with your time. I currently spend over 50 days a year attending different training events, with the goal of picking up one or two new ideas from every event that I attend. I also teach about 50 days a year in different parts of the city, province and country. I love teaching for two reasons. The transfer of knowledge to students who want to learn and have those ” aha” moments, and the selfish reason of feeling you are making a difference in people’s lives, along with the mastery of a subject that comes with preparing to teach it to others.

Here is 11 things I have discovered working with Top Agents over the last 30+ years in Real Estate.

1. Just like in the real world, higher levels of education result in higher levels of income

2. The top 10% agents on the Real Estate Board spend 4-8 weeks every year learning the latest skills and knowledge to maintain their competitive advantage

3. The bottom 80% are “too busy” and believe they already know everything

4. Learning for “doing” is 50 times more productive than learning for “knowing or entertainment”

5. Specializing in one or two geographic area’s is what Top agents do. The bottom 80% are generalists

6. You learn more by doing and failing forward, than by not doing until you have perfected everything. It is Ready, Aim, Fire. Not Ready Aim, Ready Aim, Ready Aim…Ready Aim!

7. Lead Generation without follow-up and mastering your scripts and dialogues is a waste of time

8. Top agents give energy to you and everyone around them……low producing agents steal your energy

9. Top Agents believe there is more than enough business for everyone….struggling agents think there is too little business out there and live with a scarcity mindset

10. The best agents in the business understand the equity and lifetime value of a client increases by delivering a world class Buying/Selling experience….the worst agents put their needs above their clients and treat other agents like crap

11. . The biggest obstacle to success in Real Estate is not your Broker, Manager, Company, Buyers or Sellers…it is you. Top agents have spent a lot of time on self-mastery…low producing agents point fingers at everyone else. First you change the way you look at things and the things you look at change

As we end this year, and look forward to an amazing market next year, commit to mastering the skills and knowledge that you need to be a Top Agent. It will make you happy, bring joy to your life, make you feel that you are making a difference in people’s lives, and most of all, allow you to live a purpose-driven life.

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