The path to being a Mega-Agent, starts with knowing how to build a Great Real Estate Team

Team management

Just as mighty Oak trees begin as little acorns, your large Mega Agent team starts as a powerful small team. Remember large powerful groups start as small powerful groups. Please see the steps below. That if followed, will help you build the “dream team”, so that you can make more money, take more time off, and have a great life!!

1) Your first hire should always be an Administrative Assistant.

The best place to find one is from your Sphere of Influence, or a client who is at home with kids, and would love to work 10:00am-3:00pm. The best screening tool is the DISC Profile,(or Recruit/Select) and is available at along with a Career Visioning Tool.

2) The secret is to grow bottom-heavy with Admin people instead of building top-heavy with Buyer/Listing Agents… just like building a house, start with a strong foundation.

3) When should you hire? When you are at the point that you have no life, working 7-days a week, your life is out of balance, and when your service standards drop. Always lead with revenue, and not expenses.

4) Always “hire” slowly and “fire” quickly

5) What does a good hire look like? Someone who has “won” at a high level in their life and has a past record of success. Hire someone who is smart and “gets it”, can handle stress, is loyal, energetic, personable, a team player, a “people pleasing” person and has a “big why” in their life.

6) What does a “bad hire” look like? They bring their problems to the office, when you feel that you settled for “good” and not “great”, or you know in your ” gut” that it isn’t the right fit and you do not feel the right “chemistry” for your team. Ask yourself this question…based on what I now know about this individual, would I hire them again today?

7) Always hire to your weaknesses as soon as possible ( for most agents this is paperwork)

Buyer Agents

1) Use the DISC profile and always hire “I/D” or “D/I” agents with no “S” and just below the mid-line “C”

2) Production standard should be 20/24 deals minimum per year and a good Buyer Agent should be able to do 36 transactions.

3) All Buyer agents should be in daily training and education in the office.

4) Compensation levels vary.

 Listing Specialist

1) Use DISC as well and hire high ”D” and low “I”

2) Listing Specialists must be learning-based and always attending daily training in your office

3) Compensation levels vary.

How to build culture with your team?

1) Read great books together like ” Fish” or ” 360 degree Leader

2) Attitude is everything…you must hire positive people

3) Hire happy People

4) Never hire talent without personality

5) Finally, hire for where you are going, not where you are today.

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