What Mega-Agents running top teams know

Team management

Throughout my years of working with, coaching and mentoring top mega-Agents, I have found that they all seem to know the following at a very deep level:

1) They know the market better than anyone else

2) They are constantly improving their systems to maintain their competitive advantage

3) They show their clients that they care about them and that the client’s interest comes first

4) They have a vision

5) They have a mindset of profitability

6) They have a business plan that they follow and monitor weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

7) They know what a Profit and Loss statement looks like and they pay close attention to what it says..

8 ) They know the difference between Prospecting and marketing and do both

9) They know that the only thing that more important than Lead Generation is Lead Conversion

10) They understand that people refer people to people they trust

11) They understand that they are the brand and not the company they work for…

12) They know they must commit to self-mastery first, and business mastery follows

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